What can you do in Astrini?

At option, Earth, Moon, Sun or Ext (for exterior, i.e. outside of system).


Speed adjustment

The -1 key runs time backwards. You can Pause or take the configuration back to the present (Now).

Jump forward in time, of one day, one month, one season or year.

Just below the keys for changing speed, the display keep tracks of (fictitious but realistic) time and date.

Factual changes

Astrini comes with an inbuilt wrong astronomy. In Astrini, the orbit of the Moon is not tilted relative to the plane of the orbit of the Earth, and the Earth’s axis is not tilted relative to the plane of the orbit of the Earth. But you can revert to the actual parameters by clicking on the keys Moon and Earth, and even exaggerate a bit the tilt of the Moon’s orbit (Moon+), so as to make eclipses harder to occurr.

Astrini comes with an inbuilt modified scale, so that you can see all the actors in the same scene. Push Scale to scale realistically the whole system.

Display options

Finally, Astrini lets you visualize Shadows cast by Earth and Moon, orbits and pointers (Mark) and fictitious Stars that enhance the feeling of motion.

Non blocking interactions

We present next some simple activities you can perform on Astrini. No matter what the activity you are involved in, you can always change wiewpoint, speed, and object you are looking at, by using any of the above keys.